Thursday, January 1, 2015

~The Daughter of the Sun~

The oceans rage
Horizons lost as she flies through night
What sands she turns by trinkets glow
How quickly do they catch the wind

~ A. Sinclaire
09:49 pm 01/01/2015, Thursday

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Her Light

Her Light: by A. Sinclaire

      With fluttering eyes I arose from the autumn leaves. Shaking gently from the slow icy breeze, I struggled to steady my stance. It was night out, with no sign of horizon. Beyond the nearby willows lay more wooded ground. I, with nothing more than sheer silk flowing about my frame, began my journey through the mist. The ground beneath my feet was both cool and warm. As I carried myself along I pondered why I had awoken in such a place. Where had I been, what was my purpose here, and for what was I searching? I was in an environment I did not recognize, yet I felt a sense of comfort about my surroundings.

      It seemed that lifetimes went by with no sign of reason. And I was fatigued and filthy from my quest. Curling up on the creek bank, I watched my auburn hair float about the water's surface. After a few moments, I completely embarked the water, leaving my covering where I had been resting. A trickle of light happened upon my chest as I walked about the creek bed. With awe, and remaining in the water, I followed as the light danced about my skin.

      After some time, I found myself climbing out of the creek, onto lush ground which was covered in wild flowers, emitting a thick sent of lavender. As beautiful as it was, my only concern was the light. With my body beaded with water, and my hair still heavy with the same, I made my way down a faint dirt path, shivering in the cold night air. Moments later, I found myself standing at a small ancient structure covered in foliage. The light I had been so intrigued to find, had vanished beyond the structure's outer walls. I pressed my hands to the stone, and then my body. Still shivering from the cold, I began caressing the surface to possibly find my way into this massive rock before me. What I found covered in nature's growth was surely the way in. For a few moments I struggled to engage the round ornate object. With no success I came down to meet it at eye level. I realized that this was a keyhole of sorts. Symbols etched into the surface read as easily as any other written text. With an understanding I did not quite realize, I put my lips to the lock, and kissed the stone, exhaling as I disengaged. It was required to be as gentle as the heart who had created it, and only she may gain access to what was held inside. Surprisingly, the structure opened, and I could see a light. That very same entity I had followed to this point. I entered the dimly lit room and found myself peering into vine work to catch a glimpse of what I sought.

      Pulling back the vines, I came upon the light that led me. It was a twinkling orb. As I wrapped my trembling hands around either side of it, I felt warmth. I experienced goodness. The life within me flooded with memories and purpose. And I knelt on both knees, stretching my arms forth, with this entity, this orb, this light. The light of my own soul. It was as if I had offered this unto myself. Behind me day had begun, and horizon broke through the forest. I arose from the warm stone ground and turned to face the day. For I knew my reason. I knew my purpose. I had saved myself from the darkness I became. With this new sense of self, I stepped out into the world to meet the Earth once more.

~ A. Sinclaire

9 September, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Because of you, I will Never have a summer

In the face of all that we have been
I am left as lonely as the passing of time
I will never have a life without a winter
I will never warm myself within the echoes of your heartbeat

Remember when I held up your head
Further disowning my life and my agenda
I made promises and never thought that I would be devoured
In the face of all that we have been

If I bleed, will you fade away?
If I scream, will you silence me?
If I decide that I will lie down with another
Will you hate me?
Will you trade me for the weather?

In the face of all that we have been
I am left as lonely as the passing of time
I will never have a life without a winter
I will never warm myself within the echoes of your heartbeat

~ A. Sinclaire.
 2:37 p.m. 05/07/2014, Wednesday

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Excerpt from "Breaking Autumn"

On this cold and vibrant day, what could be said of love? This farce of emotions. This liquid imbalance.
Have I not told you my story? Have I not bled out in vain? My essence strewn about this table?
Does it not ebb the very heart of love? As it drips down the walls like an embryo, begging for
distinction from the rest of the masses?

Yes, I say. Yes. And precisely what could be said? What indeed?

I came to her, asunder. In time, reduced to ashes. For what is a submissive if not a shadow of her Mistress?
Through the end I held my silence. Through it all I kept my tongue.

What violence betroth me! This daughter of the Sun.

~ A. Sinclaire.
9:53 p.m. 04/25/2014

This Body and Breath

This blood is my own
My body and breath

This Light that I gave you
Returned as I wept

Like feathers, you loved me
And as feathers, you left

This body is my own
This blood in my breath

~ A. Sinclaire
8:45 p.m. 04/07/2014, Monday

Tears of an Empire

From dusk we evolve to dawn. From infants to elder. What we experience gains us the Light of our souls.
What we regret; our darkness. Expose a heart to age, to temper its handler. With what madness is the
mind, has all but generations. I bid adieu this kingdom. I bid anon, this world. Goodnight for now and
evermore. My spirit; haunt this shore.

~ A. Sinclaire
8:55 p.m. 04/22/2014